Partial List of un-restored or partially restored radios:

Zenith 9S262 - Console, Unrestored cabinet, restored chassis

Zenith 9S367 - Console, Fully restored

Zenith 6S525 - Table Radio, Almost Finshed

Atwater-Kent Model 70 1 fully restored, 1 unrestored

Kiel Table with Atwater-Kent chassis - restored

Philco model 66 Tombstone - Nice unrestored original

Zenith 5R216 Cubes (2) - Cabinets are restored, chassis are unrestored and missing speaker plugs

Zenith 5J217 - Restored cabinet and chassis

Pilot T601 FM tuner - Original

Kadette 66 (3) - restored chassis and cabinets

Philco "Butterfly" - Nice, unrestored original

Stromberg-Carlson model 60 - unrestored

Atwater-Kent model 145 tombstone - unrestored

Philco 40-150 console - unrestored

Stromberg-Carlson model 58L - unrestored

Philco 625S - Unrestored

Atwater-Kent model 184 - unrestored

Zenith 5S320 - Unrestored



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