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Zenith 12S265.  12 tubes, shutter dials, braodcast and shortwave.  Restored
Zenith 9S262 (1937) 9 tube AM and Shortwave. Chasis is restored.  Cabinet is original.

Zenith 12S265 - SOLD

We have one more of this model in our inventory. Cabinet is fully restored.  Chassis is un restored.  $750 "as-is" or $1600 with fully restored chassis.

Zenith 9S262 - SOLD

We have three more of this model in inventory. Two with fully restored chassis and cabinets.  $900 for one , $1100 for the other.  The third one is as found in great original condition and remains unrestored.

Zenith 12S471.  1940 high end AM and Shortwave. Fully Restored. (SOLD)

Zenith 12S471 - SOLD

We have one more of this model in inventory. This radio is unrestored.  $600 "as-is" or $1750 Fully Restored.  Email us for pictures.

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